Making the biosimilar market biogeneric and making mAb biosimilars affordable for all

Biosimilar monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) will make a worldwide change in the accessibility of these drugs. Want to know more?

At BiosanaPharma, we believe in rationalizing the market for mAbs and mAb biosimilars. The key parameter to achieve this goal is costs, and the winning strategy will be to reduce costs, from manufacturing to distribution. BiosanaPharma has the right technologies in house to reach this goal and to offer products with an unprecedented quality and price level.

Our company is based on three proprietary pillars 

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The patented ‘3C process’ reduces Cost of Goods for mAbs by at least a factor 10.

Our formulation for oral delivery for biologicals is stable at room temperature and results in a high bioavailability of the drug.

With our two technology platforms we build our own drug pipeline, of mAb biosimilars and biohybrids, mAbs formulated for oral delivery.