management team

Management Team

Ard Tijsterman, Nettie Buitelaar, Jaap den Engelsman and Jaap Wieling form the BiosanaPharma management team 

(>100 years of experience). Maarten Pennings is our CTO.

Ard Tijsterman (CEO)
Business and drug development. Wide experience in project and organization consulting in the (bio) pharmaceutical arena. Entrepreneur and business developer with his roots in biopharmaceutical production, EU/US compliance, validation, process development and drug development (RA, CMC, non clinical & early stage clinical). Co-founder and co-owner of a number of companies: Xendo, Tarpon Biosystems and BiosanaPharma.
Nettie Buitelaar (CCO)
Seasoned biotechnologist (PhD & MBA), previously manager of Leiden Bio Science Park. Before this Nettie was active as Xendo Business Management leader, managing director of the Dutch BioPartner program (stimulating entrepreneurship in life sciences), as business analyst for Gilde Investment Management and as research manager in biotechnology research institutes after obtaining her PhD in bioprocess engineering at Wageningen University.
Jaap den Engelsman (CFO)
Highly experienced CFO with a track record at a diversity of internationally operating companies that are active in the food and biotechnology field. A number of these companies are: Cavitus, DSM Food Specialties and DSM Biologics. Jaap is co-founder of Biosana.
Jaap Wieling (CSO & COO)
Drug development expert, pharmacologist with 25+ years of international (bio)pharmaceutical development, including non-clinical and early-stage clinical development and biopharmaceutical processing. Has a track record as entrepreneur with executive and research management positions at QPS, Xendo, PRA International, DSM and TNO. University lecturer, conference presenter and scientific paper author for 25+ years on scientific, technical and regulatory topics.
Maarten Pennings (CTO)
Maarten Pennings received his M.Sc. in Bioprocess Technology from Wageningen University and has 20 years of experience in the development of biopharmaceuticals. He spent 12 years at ProPharma as a consultant process development, worked in projects on antibiotics, antibodies and viral vaccines. He has also been working on the development of continuous manufacturing in biopharma since 1999 and is co-inventor of the BioSMB and is in charge of process development and manufacturing for BiosanaPharma.
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