market opportunity

The marketplace 

The mAb biosimilars market shows a strong growth potential, due to government support and current and imminent patent expiry of blockbuster mAb biologics.

The global biosimilar market is predicted to grow from US$6B in 2017 to US$36B in 2021.

Regulatory conditions are favourable; approvals by EMA and FDA are on the rise: 


However, there are 2 major challenges in the mAb biosimilars market:

  1. A price war will evolve as in the generics market

    • Biosimilars currently sell at 70% of originator’s price, not counting some exceptions

    • Originator can afford competition down to 50% of current pricing

    • Huge market opportunity to compete <50% of current pricing

  2. Inconvenient access and limited market reach

    • mAbs are administered subcutaneously or intravenously

    • Cold chain required

    • Convenient and stable mAb delivery would be a game-changer